Online cricket betting in India

No matter how much you learn about cricket betting, there is always someplace where you can improve the knowledge. This article is written to let the newer and older punters have an updated look at online cricket betting in India. 

Betting on Cricket Tournaments 

The tournaments of cricket are held worldwide. It is in these festive-like seasons where the wagers are at their highest. As most of the punters start wagering, the winnings are also more extensive. So here are some of the biggest competitions in this game that the punters should keep an eye on. 

  • ICC World Cup: It is the biggest tournament that this game has to offer. Organized by the International Cricket Council, this trophy winner is regarded as the world champion for the next four years. 
  • ICC Champions Trophy: The top eight teams play to compete for supremacy against one another.  
  • ICC T20: It is the biggest competition of the shortest form of this game.  
  • IPL: Indian premier league is where all the best players worldwide play on different sides based on Indian states.  
  • The Ashes: Ashes are pretty different from any other competition. It is played between Australia and England to continue their long rivalry supremacy. 
  • The Big Bash: The big bash is a tournament held in Australia with teams based on different cities of the country. Players from all around the world participate in it. 

Best Online Cricket sites in India

Best Cricket Betting Sites

We have made this list for the convenience of the users. These are our top picks from the online cricket gambling market in India. 

Cricket sites                              Specialties
BetwayThe 100% bonus can be used for up to 2,500 Indian rupeesIt is easy to use and is a charm for any of the users trying gambling on this game out as a news subject. 
22bet The 100% bonus can be used for up to 10,000 Indian rupeesThe best part about them is that they have one of the most significant staking sections for cricket. 
Casumo Gambling 1,000 Indian rupees will get you a bonus of 3,000 Indian rupees. The layout UI is straightforward to navigate for its user-friendliness.
ComeOnThe 100% bonus can be used for up to 10,000 Indian rupeesThe regular bonuses in ComeOn keep the players engaged regularly. 
Bet3654,000 Indian rupees worth of bonus credits can be used in it.It is vastly considered the most extensive sportsbook online. 
RabonaThe 100% bonus can be used for up to 8,000 Indian rupeesRabona has made its name among the giants by having the best live wagering selection.  
LeoVegasThe 100% bonus can be used for up to 10,000 Indian rupeesThe app and the mobile version of this site os a doubt o behold.  
ParimatchThe 150% bonus can be used for up to 12,000 Indian rupeesParimatch has the best virtual cricket staking option among all the sportsbooks have to offer. 
BetwinnerThe 100% bonus can be used for up to 8000 Indian rupeesTheir live chancing option lets you wager on multiple wagers on this particular game. 
FunbetThe 100% bonus can be used for up to 10,000 Indian rupeesCreating an account on this site is as easy as it gets. 

Registering in an Online Betting Site for Cricket in India 

The registration process of almost all online bookies is pretty similar. As the traditional method of registration is followed by all of them, we will be showing you how the process is completed in most cases – 

  • Choose the site. First, you need to select a specific gambling website.
  • Go to the site or download the app. Access it using your browser to enter its homepage or download the app. 
  • Register an account. Click on the “registration’ or the “Sign-up button.” 
  • Verify your identity. Enter all the personal information they require to verify your identity. 
  • Enter your country. State that you are from India. 
  • Choose a method. Select the mode of transaction. 
  • Verify email. Click on the verification email they will send you. 
  • Voila! It’s done! You can now start using your account for cricket gambling. 

Types of Cricket Betting

Types of Cricket Betting

There is a lot of variation in the types of crying as well. The punters select the types of wagers that they are most familiar with. Each of them is the primary outcome of a match.

General Stakes

  • Match wager: This is the most basic type of wager that is made in this game. Punters predict the side that will win among the two. 
  • Double Chance: The money is put on the possible outcome of a team winning or drawing. 
  • Series Winner: The decision is to guess which side will be the winner in a series between them. 
  • Tournament Winner: There are plenty of big competitions held for cricket. Punters wager on the side that is most likely to win the entire competition. 

Team-Based Stakes

  • First Innings: The score of the side that will play the first innings. 
  • Match Score: The end match score of an entire team. 
  • Number of Sixes: You have to determine the total number of sixes of an innings, by a group or of the entire match. It even comes down to competitions. 
  • Number of Fours: Punters wager on the total number of fours in an innings by a team or the entire match or tournament. 
  • Most Run Outs: Determine which group will have the most run-outs
  • Toss:  To win the money, the punters have to put money on which side will win the toss. 

Player-Based Stakes 

  • Top Batsman: Top batsman is the player that has the most runs in a match or the whole competition. 
  • Team of the Top Batsman: Determine the side from which the top batsman will be from. 
  • Top Bowler: The punters put their money on the bowler, likely to take the most wicket in both a single match and the whole competition. 
  • Wickets from a Certain Bowler: The wager is made for guessing how many wickets a specific bowler will take. 
  • Man of the Match: The most influential player in a game is the man of the match. 
  • Man of the Tournament:  This honor is bestowed upon the most influential player of the series or the competition. 

Live In-Play Stakes

These are the types of wagers that are made while the matches are being played. 

  • Runs of a Batsman: You have to make a wager while a new batsman approaches the field about how many runs he will make. The gambling becomes invalid after he plays the first ball. 
  • Runs From a Delivery: The prediction is made about the total amount of run from each ball.  
  • Wicket: Punters predict how a batter will face dismissal. They choose from six types of dismissals- Run Out, Caught, LBW, Bowled, Stumped, or Other.
  • Runs From an Over: You will be predicting the outcome of any over while the match is being played. But it can’t be made after the first ball of an over is bowled. 

Cricket Betting FAQ

Can I Wager on Live Cricket on the internet? 

There are a lot of bookmakers that provide live staking on this game. On top of that, most of the top sites like Parimatch, Betway, bet365, etc., provide live streaming along with it. 

Which sites are the best for Cricket Betting in India? 

There are quite a few sites in India that are excellent with their services with this game gambling. Some of the websites that we found to be worth a try are, Parimatch, Casumo, ComeOn, Rabona, and Betwinner. 

Is Online cricket gambling in India legit?

There is no such law that prevents online gambling in India. All the online sportsbooks authorized in the country are licensed and are working under India’s jurisdiction. 

What are Odds in Cricket? 

Odds are determined based on the possibility of a side winning a match. This possibility determiner also decides how much money one would win against this wager. 

Which Company Offers the Best Odds for Cricket in India? 

After going through several online bookmakers, we have concluded that Betway offers the best odds in the Indian market.