Overview of Betway Cricket

This company has been very influential in the online gambling industry in India. Perhaps Betway is the most popular site for cricket to the punters of India. They have earned that reputation over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the company:

  • It offers some jaw-dropping bonuses for cricket that can be used on multiple levels. 
  • The live wagering in the sportsbook is very well oriented. 
  • The experience of putting your money on live cricket is boosted with live streaming. 
  • They are very safe and secure to use with multiple licenses and an excellent encryption system. 
  • The customer care is very well responsive.  
  • It supports the Indian currency (Rupees) and language (Hindi).

Betway in India

Betway India

As they have made their name in the region, it is only natural for them to do it by adapting to the local cultures. There is no denying that Cricket is a culture in India. But what has the sportsbook done to ensure their place in the hearts of the Indian people? 

  • They cover all the major cricket tournaments in India. That includes the Indian Premier League, Vijay Hazare Trophy, etc. 
  • Indian rupees are a viable currency in the sportsbook for the punters to use. 
  • Bonus and other offers are explicitly created with the standard of the Indian rupees. 
  • Local Indian transfer methods are adopted and used by them. 

Bonuses for Cricket

Betway Cricket Bonuses

With some of the best offers in the market, Betway wears its bonuses like a king wears his crown. But the promotions on the sportsbook of the site aren’t just confined to one type. They have these promotions for many parts of cricket. 

Welcome Bonus

If you are new to cricket wagering on the site, you will be greeted with this fantastic welcoming present. Here is all that you must know about it. 

  • It is a 100% bonus that you can use for up to 2,500 Indian rupees in cricket wagering. 
  • While you are applying for an account, they will show if you want the welcome bonus. Click on the tick and enter the promo code for activating the offer. 
  • A minimum deposit of 200 Indian rupees has to be made for using this bonus. 
  • The money you will be depositing needs to be wagered at least six times for you to withdraw it. 
  • The cricket wagers that you would be putting your money on need to have at least 1.75 odds.

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Boundary Money Back Special 

The thrill of putting money in the sportsbooks is increased with this unique type of bonus. It is mainly made for cricket and no other sport. Here is how you can enjoy the Boundary Money Back Special bonus. 

  • 1000 Indian rupees worth of bonus is given if the last ball of an innings is a boundary. 
  • A wager has to be made, which is also of 1,000 Indian rupees, to enjoy the Boundary Money Back Special offer, 
  • The odds also have to be over 1.5 or higher. 
  • Even if you lose your original wager and the last ball is a boundary, you will get 1,000 rupees back. 

Free Bet

The free wagers work for all sports, including cricket. You can start using it by being a part of the Free Bet Club. 

  • You can get 500 Indian rupees worth of bonus every week if you wager 500 rupees weekly on doubles or higher. 
  • The promotion can be used for only one match for every client.  
  • The available time for the free bets club starts every Saturday and expires every Friday. 
  • The wagering requirement for activating this bonus 2.00 or higher

Cricket Tournaments and Series in Betway

The sportsbook covers some of the major cricket tournaments in the whole world. The hype around these types of occasions is always at its peak. So there is a constant hunger for gambling on sports in these tournaments and matches. Here are some of the biggest cricket contests and series coveted by the site – 

  • ICC World Cup
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • ICC T 20
  • Indian Premier League 
  • The Ashes
  • Bangladesh Premier League
  • The Big Bash 
  • Pakistan Super League

Types of Bets on Cricket

The sportsbook has several types of bets available at its disposal. Here are some of the most popular among those. 

  • Best Batsman: The money is wagered on the batsman that is probably going to score the highest run.  
  • Man of the Match: This is the player that is the most influential in a match. 
  • Number of Boundaries: The number of sixes and fours are predicted. 
  • Match Winner: Prediction is made on which team has the most potential to win. 
  • Best Bowler: Punters predict which bowler is likely to have the most number of wickets. 
  • Result of an Over: This outcome of any Overs is predicted while the game is being played. 

Method of Placing Bets on Cricket

When you are putting your money into a cricket match, you would want it to be smoother. That is why the sportsbook has followed the traditional way of placing your money on your fortune. Just follow the steps one by one listed below – 

  • Select the Game: First order of your business would be to select cricket as your choice of sport. So when you enter the homepage through your account, you will get to see an option of sports. Click on that and then pick cricket from it. 
  • Select the Match: There is a high probability that multiple matches will be going on simultaneously. There may even be a tournament on the way. So, select a game from a series or a contest.  
  • Select a Team or a Player: You will then see multiple wagering options available on the team or the players. Check out the odds of the game to decide which team will most probably and how much money you can make from wagering on it. 
  • Place the Wager: Now that you have selected your wager type, enter the amount of money you want to put against the odds. If there isn’t any money on your account, then you would have to deposit some and then place the bet.  
  • Check Status: If there is any doubt on your mind about whether the transaction has been set or not, then you can check it out. If you just click on “My Bets,” then you will be able to see all your past gambling history on the site.  

Customer Service

It is only natural to make some mistakes. Each and every primary gambling site are bound to commit some of these mistakes. But the thing that solves those issues is the customer service of that gambling site. The customer service must be quick as well as responsive. Along with that, the more types of contact, the merrier. Thankfully Betway has all of these. They are swift, responsive and you can contact them in multiple ways. 

  • Live Chat: Contact them through the live chat option on their website. It is available 24/7. 
  • Telephone:  +44-808-238-9841
  • eMail: [email protected]


Does Betway Operate in India? 

Yes, the company does operate in India. They have been working under the country’s jurisdiction after being authorized by the government of the country. 

Is Betway Legal in India?

Yes. It is fully legal in India. There is no such law that stands against or even mentions anything about online gambling.

What is the Minimum Deposit Amount in Betway? 

The minimum deposit in the sportsbook is 200 Indian rupees for the ones who are doing it for the first time. If you come back after your first wager, you will need to deposit at least 500 Indian rupees.

Can I Use Indian Rupees as a Currency in Betway?

The answer to that would be yes, you can. Not only is the Indian Rupee a viable currency on the site, but they also make their promotions in the country based on the standard of it.