Mostbet Review

An Overview of Mostbet

As a comparatively new addition to the sportsbook companies, Mostbet has made quite a positive impression. They have been known primarily for their services in Cricket. Let’s take a quick look at what they have to offer for cricket.

  • You will get an incredible 125% bonus right off the bat in this sportsbook.
  • All the formats of cricket are available here.
  • This sportsbook covers all the major tournaments.
  • The bookmaker offers a vast market for cricket betting.
  • They have one of the best live betting options in the world.
  • The three-way registration makes opening an account available to all.

Mostbet Bonus on Cricket

You can get a bonus in this sportsbook just by registering in it. But remember that while you are going through your account resting process, there will be an option asking you about using the bonus. Make sure that you accept the reward while you are in the process of creating an account. You may also include a promo code if you have one. Here is all you need to know about the welcome bonus you can use to wager on cricket matches.

  • They are offering their first-time clients a 125% welcome bonus that you can use on cricket.
  • The welcoming promotion can be used for up to 15,000 Indian rupees.
  • A minimum deposit in the sportsbook has to be made of 150 Indian rupees.
  • The deposited money needs to be wagered at least five times.
  • The bettors must wager on accumulator bets with 3+ selections for the offer to be applicable.
  • There is also a requirement in the odds. The odds that you will be wagering on must be at least 1.4 or higher.
  • The validity of this bonus is 30 days from the deposit. After that, the offer becomes obsolete and void.

Cricket Formats Covered in Mostbet

Mostbet Cricket Betting

There are three major formats in international cricket. All three of them are covered by this bookmaker. The formats that are covered by this sportsbook are:

  • Test: This is the oldest format of cricket. The game is played for five straight days. Both teams get to play two innings each, and there is no limitation on the overs that ought to be played. Mostly the matches end up in draws. But the larger format of the test matches makes it more interesting to wager on.
  • ODI: The one-day format is the most played out format of cricket. A single inning of a team consists of 50 overs. Each of the sides gets to play one inning. The world cup tournament is also played in the ODI format.
  • T20: It is the shortest form of international cricket. Unlike the test matches, time is of the essence in this one. The whole game consists of 40 overs in total, with each team getting to play 20. As more and more tournaments are played in this format, you will see the Mostbet covering this format a lot.

Cricket Tournaments in Mostbet

There aren’t much if any, cricket matches that this bookmaker doesn’t cover. Pretty much all the international competitions and tournaments are viable for the clients to wager on. So we will take a look at the biggest games that are covered by the sportsbook.

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World Cup

The world cup is the biggest tournament in cricket all around the globe. The International Cricket Council organizes it. The match is played in an ODI format. It takes place every four years, and the winners of the trophy are also known as the world champions for the next four years.

Champions Trophy

Only the top eight countries in the ODI list get to play in this tournament. So in a way, it can be considered as the battle of the best. The International Cricket Council also organizes this.

T20 World Cup

This is the world championship of the shortest form of cricket. The best performers of this format play T 20 matches to win the tournament.

The Ashes

The credibility of The Ashes Series doesn’t come from its size but the legendary rivalry between Australia and England. A total of five test matches are played, and the winner of the most wins the series.

Indian Premier League

The Indian Premier League or the IPL is the fastest-growing cricket tournament in the world. It is played in the T 20 cricket format. The teams are based in different cities in India, and players gather from all around the globe to form the eight sides.

Types of Bet

Almost all types of wagers are available on the bookmaker’s list. These different types of bets are differentiated on multiple levels. To give users a hint of them, we have mentioned a few of them below:

Pre-Match Wagers

These types are made before the game even begins. It can be said that they are sort of long-term predictions of a match, and fortune has a lot to do with the outcome. Here are some of the top markets in cricket that you will find in Mostbet.

  • Toss Winners: Toss is the decider for which team gets to bowl or bet. And the wager, in this case, is to predict which team will get the right side of the coin.
  • Match Winner: One team will come out as the winner in a single match among the two. The punter put their money on which team they think will come out at the top.
  • Tournament Winners: The champions of a whole tournament are predicted and wagered before even the competition begins.
  • Top Batsman: The top batsman can be from a match, a series, or even a tournament. In any of these cases, the highest run-scorer is considered the leading batsman.
  • Top Bowler: Like the leading batsman, it is the prediction of the bowler that will take the highest amount of wickets.

Live Betting

You wager money on odds while the game is being played. Here are some of the most wagered markets in this sportsbook:

  • The Outcome of an Over: You predict the number of runs, wickets, or boundaries that will come from the next over in the middle of a game.
  • The outcome of a Delivery: You can quickly decide the wager of what the exact next delivery will bring.
  • Boundaries: Punters decide how many boundaries they will get from the over or the innings or which delivery is most likely to be hit for a boundary.

Mostbet 3-Ways Registration

Mostbet Registration

Opening an account in their sportsbook may just be one of the most promising aspects of it. Unlike other bookmakers, they didn’t just stick with a single kind of registration process. The company made sure that people of every sphere can enjoy their services, and so they have included three ways of registration in their sportsbook.

Using Mobile Phone

You can complete the registration using your Android or iOS platform devices.

  • Go to the home page for sign-in.
  • Select “Via Mobile” for your registration.
  • Choose the country of your origin.
  • Enter a phone number that is registered under your name and that you use.
  • Select the currency you want to transact in. For instance, if you are Indian, then choose Indian rupees.
  • Click to receive the bonus and give the promo code.
  • Click on “confirm” and end the process.

Using E-mail

You can complete the process with your email as proof of your identity.

  • Access the home page for signing in.
  • Select “Via E-mail” for your registration.
  • Choose your country of origin.
  • Select the currency you will be used for transactions on the gambling site.
  • Provide them with an email address that can be used to verify you, contact you, and use regularly.
  • Then create a password that only you would know.
  • Select to get the bonus and enter the promo code.
  • An email would be sent to you. Click on it and verify your account.

Using Social Networks

To open an account this way, you need to have a social media account first.

  • After going to the sign-in page, select “Via Social Networks” for your registration.
  • Select the currency you want to use.
  • Give them the promo code if you want to enjoy the bonus.
  • Select any of the social networks that you have an account on to get a quick login.

All the registration processes mentioned above can be done using both the browser and the application.

Placing a Bet on Cricket

Now that you have opened an account in Mostbet, it is time for you to know about the procedure of placing a wager in the sportsbook. As it happens, the bookmakers followed the usual methods of making the wagers. Just follow the steps underneath to do it yourself:

  • Open the Account: Go to the web page of the sportsbook using the web version or the mobile app and sign in to your account.
  • Choose Cricket: After accessing your account, you will see an option for sports. If you click on that, a page with a wide range of sports will appear. Select Cricket from that list.
  • Select the Match: There will be multiple cricket matches being played simultaneously. You need to choose the game that you want to put your money on from those.
  • Select Bet Type: As the bookmaker has multiple types of wagers available in their arsenal, you have to choose from one of those.
  • Deposit Money: If you do not have sufficient balance in your sportsbook account, you have to deposit money in it from your preferred transaction method.
  • Place the Wager: Now that you have deposited the money, you can just place the wager.


How Many Sports are Available in Mostbet?

Currently, 20 sports are regularly covered by the bookmaker. Some of the top sports include Cricket, Football, Tennis, Baseball, Volleyball, Badminton, Boxing, UFC, Basketball, eSports, and a lot more.

Is the Mostbet App Free for Download?

Yes, it is. You can download the application from the official site of the sportsbook. Both the Android and the iOS versions of the app can be downloaded from the website completely free of cost.

How Do I Verify My Mostbet Account?

To verify your account, you need to send scanned prints of your recent photographs using which you can be identified. Along with that, send an identification document like Passport or Adhar Card to them. It will take a maximum of two days to complete the verification process.

Does Mostbet Accept Indian Rupees as Currency?

You can complete all the transactions in the sportsbook using Indian rupees. If you check it out, you will also see that the promotions and bonuses are also updated based on the standard of rupees.