Why IPL Betting is so prevalent in India

Sports are always exciting, athletic, and a show of skills, so sports have been around India since the king’s age, and it is a multi-sporting nation. They are well into the Olympics with 9 Gold, 7 Silvers, and 12 Bronze medals. They play Kabaddi, tennis, hockey, and lots of other sports besides cricket. But there is only one sport in this country for which they have 52 International venues and over 3700 crore INR income every year, and that’s cricket. But why does IPL hold the majority of the popularity in its grasps? To put it simply, it’s because the Indian Premier League is India’s competition which is celebrated worldwide among cricket lovers. There is no doubt that they all love the tournament they host on their soil.

During the season of the tournament, India turns into a cricket-cultured nation. Millions of bettings both online and physically are made by the people of the country, from kids running around playing Cricket on the most congested streets to grown-ups enjoying an IPL match on the television on a Sunday afternoon; the daily life of the general people revolves around this sport and this tournament.

Suppose you were put onto the streets of Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab, or any of the renowned states during the season. You will see many flags and jerseys on people that represent the IPL teams. Kids play cricket on the streets, on the fields, and even on the roofs during this tournament, and you can see a glimpse of excitement over their faces that this league brings. Any gossip you see among India’s elders contains at least a few cricket references and discussion about which team will win the next fixture.

List of the best IPL bookie sites

Best IPL Betting Sites

From a massive catalog of these gambling sites, we present to you the top ones so that you can choose more freely and easily. Here is our list:

NameDescriptionBonusesMobile compatibility
ParimatchDuring the IPL, this jack of all trades site gets filled with the Indian crowd because this app offers you all kinds of cricket matches, fixtures, and live games during the tournament, and there is a separate section for the contest on this platform.Joining bonus on first deposit up to 8,000 INRYes
BetwayThis one is a cricket gambling app with many desi gamblers, especially during the Indian Premier League. This site has live game features to watch a heated match and gamble on it simultaneously. Betting variations are available with lots of options and criteria to wager on and make money, such as match scores, partnerships, toss wins, etc.Sign-up bonus of 100% up to 2,500 INR recurring bonus (can be triggered several times)Yes
LeovegasLeovegas cricket gambling comes alive during the live season. Leovegas is the most user-friendly platform to wager on the competition with an eye-catching interface, premium outlook, and feature functionality. It is helpful during the tournament season because It accepts Rupees as a currency, and money transactions are faster than any other apps on the market.Joining bonus up to 10,000 INR + Free spins, and weekly bonuses Yes
CasumoThis is a great site to gamble during the IPL season, especially for the newbie gamblers. With increased odds and various factors in a fixture to bet on, Casumo is one of the biggest wagering exchanges for India’s competition, offering premium bonuses during the tournament season.Welcome bonus of up to 10,000 INR (can go even higher if a deposit is over 10,000 INR)Yes
1xbetIt is the most premium staking brand out there for the tournament; this bookmaker keeps many advertisement campaigns ongoing during the tournament season, with the most extensive selection of fixtures. Offers special incentives during the league, a very newbie-friendly sports gambling site to wager on.Welcome bonus 200% of up to 10,000 INR + 100+ Free SpinsYes

How to start betting on IPL fixtures

If you are new to betting on cricket, you will have a hard time starting to wager on IPL fixtures as it is a subcategory of cricket gambling. It is a well-known fact that you can’t just dive in the water without knowing how to swim. So, if you are new to this particular platform, we have prepared a list of instructions that you can simply follow to successfully place and win a wager in the most exciting cricket tournament in history. Just follow the procedures given below:

  • Select a bookie site. Firstly, choose one of the above-mentioned 5-star bookmakers considering some criteria of your choosing, such as a good selection of payment methods or the most convenient mobile app.
  • Sign-up with the sportsbook of your choice using some personal details and banking details.
  • Deposit money. Pick a payment method and deposit that is most convenient for you, and deposit a certain amount according to the welcome bonus.
  • Get your bonus. Recharge your gambling account and instantly receive generous welcome bonuses and other incentives to get you started with the site.
  • Research about the competition. Know your sports. Research about the teams and learn about their records, player transactions, and match predictions.
  • Happy gambling. After researching, make an educated guess about the fixture you’re willing to wager on and gamble responsibly.

Is IPL betting legal in India?

Is IPL Betting Legal in India?

It is a joint discussion among the internet community; is IPL betting or online gambling in general legal? The answer is somewhat contradictory, but gambling on these matches in India gets you in trouble? The quick response is No because no law restricts the country’s citizens from gambling their money on online staking sites with different offshore accounts.

Selecting and tracing a particular wager from India is impossible if the bet was with some offshore online gambling sites whose servers are located in a country where gambling is legal. Then the stake becomes legal. During the all-important tournament, different sites worldwide receive millions of bets from the population of the country.

Placing a particular wager on an online gambling site is untraceable. It is illegal to gamble in some states. Still, India’s government can’t trace one specific bet going out through e-wallets to a bookmaker whose servers are located offshore because it is outside of their jurisdiction. So it is established that neither gambling is legal nor it is punishable.


What are the best IPL 2021 cricket betting apps in India?

We have provided in our article some of the best sportsbooks that are trustworthy and reliable. To name some of them: Parimatch, Leovegas, Casumo, etc., are the best.

Are these IPL apps available on the Play Store?

Some of the best bookmakers do not have their apps in the mainstream app stores because of age restrictions and privacy issues. However, you can find these apps on their official website. We have provided instructions on how you can start gambling in this competition from scratch in this article.

Do IPL apps provide match results, stats, and predictions?

Of course, it does! The top staking apps for the league that we have named in our list contain tables for match results, stats, and match predictions for every fixture. You can also watch the game on some of the apps.

Are IPL betting apps secure?

Yes, Most of the gambling apps are fully secure with the latest security measures to keep the players and wagers safe from online hackers and malware. And It is legal to make IPL wagers online.